So, I’ve finally got AspectMap open-sourced onto codeplex. It’s been a fairly crazy three months in which I haven’t really blogged or expanded its code base, but that is now hopefully a thing of the past. I have plans for a caching mechanism which I’ll build over the next few weeks, and a few other improvements including a load more unit tests. More than that though, I want to see what you can all do with it! Here’s what I’d like to get from you, the community:

  • I want to see what you guys can do with it. It’s pretty much solved the problems I set out to solve for myself, but this is a big world with a host of different problems. If you build a good aspect then add it to the StandardAspects namespace. If it doesn’t work quite how you’d like then mod it. I’m really keen to see what the community can do with it;
  • Help me manage it. I’ve never run an open source project before so I’m sure I’ll stumble along the way. Tell me what I’m doing wrong (or not doing at all!) or what’s going well;
  • Add items to the issue tracker. I’d love to keep developing the framework, but I need to know what you want from it. Do you want support for other IoC frameworks? Improved speed? Get an issue logged and I’ll get to work.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to seeing where we can take this!

AspectMap on CodePlex

AspectMap on NuGet