What does your visual studio environment look like? A mess: of toolbars, panels and menus? Or more like this?

Scott Hanselman wrote a nice post over a year ago on the benefits of a clean visual studio environment, which is definitely worth a read. When I started using the VS11 beta I honestly wondered what all the fuss with the menu glyphs was about, as I’d instantly cleared most of them out of the way.

If you go down this route though, there is one unavoidable consequence: you will have to learn some keyboard shortcuts! The benefits are obvious, you don’t waste time looking for the menu item (looking away from the code you are working on), you don’t even waste a half second moving your hand to your mouse. You move closer to the holy grail of coding at the speed of thought. Awesome!

This isn’t a post with a list of shortcuts though, you can find those anywhere, instead this is a highly complex technique I’ve been using successfully for the last 12 months. I call it… The Sticky Note.

Yep, that’s it. When you find yourself using a menu to do something, find out the keyboard shortcut and stick it to your monitor. Don’t go crazy, I limit myself at 4 at any one time. Every couple of weeks take off any which you’ve got memorised.

I guarantee that in 6 weeks, you’ll feel like a keyboard ninja


This programme comes with a complete money back guarantee by the way ;)